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Generic medications for distributors, pharmacies, and health care systems.

Fast. Reliable. Low-Cost. Quality Service.


Your business can be complicated. Getting high-quality affordable generic medications should not be.

Lowest Cost

Our relationships with manufacturers allows us to offer the same drugs at rock-bottom prices.

Fast, Reliable Delivery

We know that fast and reliable delivery make all the difference - not empty promises.


Managing inventory levels is our problem, not yours. If we offer it, it's available to you - no excuses.

About Skya Health

We believe that every pharmacy or distributor should have the same access to safe and effective generic medications as the “big boys” – with low cost, no hassle, and total reliability. We’ve seen too many distributors, pharmacies, and health care systems being left in the cold by larger players. High prices, poor service, and unreliable delivery are just the tip of the iceberg.

Your account and your clients’ needs are just as important whether you’re a $1MM or a $1B company. It’s time to work with a provider who shares your vision.

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